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Unmanned Air Vehicles and Systems

Acuity has developed two unmanned air systems. Our concentration on extending the endurance and payload capabilities of smaller unmanned air systems and providing solutions for demanding missions is reflected in the AT-3 and AT-10.



The AT-10 Responder is a 100-120 lb GTOW VTOL UAS with a 30 pound payload capacity and endurance of 20 hours.


Aerodynamics and Propulsion

Acuity designs and tests advanced vehicles, propulsion, and control systems. Past and current development encompasses

  • NASA Overflow-D CFD software installed on Acuity servers for steady state as well as unsteady and axially symmetric flow analysis.
  • Classical and vortex lattice aerodynamic analysis tools.
  • Flying wing and hovering aircraft design and flight testing.
  • Ducted fans with high disk loading.
  • Pump-fed hydrogen peroxide / methanol bipropellant rocket engines to 800 lbf.
  • VTOL cycloidal propulsion drive.