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About Acuity Aerospace

Founded in 1992, Acuity develops, manufactures, and supports components and systems for unmanned air vehicles. Acuity concentrates on aerodynamics and vehicle design and control system development

Unmanned Air Systems
Acuity has developed two aerial vehicles with specialized capabilities. The AT-3 Owl can be launched from a runway or from the wing or fuselage bay of a manned aricraft. It was initially designed for use from the P-3 Orion and P-8 Poseidon maritime patrol aircraft.

The AT-10 Responder is a vertical takeoff and landing airplane that transitions to forward flight by rotating a portion of the wing. Electric motors driving twin propellers are powered with batteries or by a generator or fuel cells for long duration flight. The AT-10 presents less rotor strike hazard than helicopters do, and is smaller and requires less power than helicopters with similar range, payload, and duration.

Our Intelligent Servo System consists of integrated servos and a Network Servo Controller. The NSC handles the network protocol and servo status management and provides a single interface for high level control. Servos may also be used standalone, for small systems.

Design and Prototyping Services
Services offered by Acuity include vehicle control system design, aerodynamic analysis, propulsion system development and structural engineering and fabrication. As part of its air vehicle development services, Acuity offers flight test capabilities.