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Acuity is currently developing two unmanned air systems. Our concentration on extending the endurance and payload capabilities of smaller unmanned air systems and providing solutions for demanding missions is reflected in the AT-3 and AT-10 unmanned air systems.

The AT-3 Owl is a 400 lb GTOW vehicle with payload capacity of up to 200 pounds and endurance of 8 to 40 hours. Originally developed for the Navy for launch from a P-3 or P-8 maritime surveillance aircraft, the AT-3 design is being modified for long-range ground based operations.

The AT-10 Responder is a 100-120 lb GTOW VTOL UAS with a 30 pound payload capacity and endurance of 20 hours.


Acuity's networked and standalone servos are lightweight high reliability rotary actuators for robotics, aerospace, and autonomous vehicles as well as general industrial use. Servos with 1 to 12 Nm (140 to 1700 in-oz) torque with speeds of 100 to 3000 degrees/sec.